Eliminating Bacteria from Dental Bib Clips Proves Difficult



Just because a dental bib clip appears to have been fully disinfected doesn’t mean it’s bacteria-free.

Bibs have been found to contain potentially dangerous oral bacteria in a recent study by Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria were both present.

As part of the study, 20 bib clips were tested. Before and after treatment, the bib clips were thoroughly examined for more than 300 kinds of bacteria using advanced technology.

The results indicated several types of bacteria were found, including bacteria associated with refractory periodontitis. This bacteria were present on a stunning 65 percent of the bib clips even after the disinfection process.

This information demonstrates that more ways or more advanced technology need to be created to enhance disinfection. As of now, there are certain bacteria that are not eliminated from current disinfection measures.

There could, however, be extenuating circumstances regarding the bacteria’s presence, even after disinfection. It may come from the dentist’s gloves or the patient’s saliva. More information is necessary to fully determine why some bacteria continue to thrive after disinfection.