DUX Dental’s 5th Annual Bib-Eze for Boob-Eze Campaign Raises Money for Mammograms In Action



OXNARD, CALIF. – August 21, 2013 – It’s on! The search for the ugliest dental bib clip in America, that is. Low-down dirty characters like “Rusty Chain”, “Bite Midler”, “Clip Cardashian” and “Eric Bib Holder” are among the contestants in a competition that is all for a good cause – breast cancer screening and diagnosis. In DUX Dental’s fifth annual Bib-Eze for Boob-Eze campaign, members of the public and the dental community are invited to raise money for Mammograms In Action by voting for the ugliest dental bib clip in America.

With the click of a mouse anyone can vote for the dental bib clip they find most offensive. In turn, DUX Dental will give a one-dollar donation to Mammograms In Action for each vote. Mammograms In Action is a non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission it is to provide funding for low-income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures for the detection of breast cancer. Voting is open now at www.bibezeforboobeze.com and runs until Oct. 31, 2013.

“Research shows that despite everyone’s best efforts to help America’s dental bib clips get clean, they are still a source of bacteria in the dental office,” said Stacey Williams, director of marketing and sales for DUX Dental. “During last year’s Bib-Eze for Boob-Eze campaign dental offices around the country sent in hundreds of traditional bib holders in exchange for a donation to Mammograms In Action. We couldn’t believe how dirty, rusty and old some of the clips we received were. That was the inspiration for this year’s campaign.”

The bib clip contestants are:

  1. Name: Smokey Burns

Home State: Colorado
Interesting Fact: Attended more than 20 Thankful Dead Concerts

2. Name: Rusty Chain
Home State: Tennessee
Interesting Fact: Currently on parole after being charged with harassing an autoclave

3. Name: Clip Lee
Home State: Michigan
Interesting Fact: Recently earned a green belts in Martial Arts

4. Name: Eric Bib Holder
Home State: Washington D.C.
Interesting Fact: Recently worked for a surveillance company but got burned out. Loves action movies

5. Name: Greeny Bulger
Home State: Massachusetts
Interesting Fact: Enjoys playing large games of hide and seek. He spends weekends watching mob movies

6. Name: Clip Cardashian
Home State: California
Interesting Fact: Loves rap music and being in front of the X-ray camera. She has a large bib holder family

7. Name: Lou Swartz
Hometown: Venice Beach
Interesting Fact: Enjoyed body building in the 1980s and appreciates a good spray tan to highlight his muscles.

8. Name: Bite Midler
Home State: New York
Interesting Fact: Currently starring in the off, off, off Broadway performance of Little Shop of Fear.

9. Name: Jolene Clipington
Home State: Texas
Interesting Fact: Her daughter recently competed in a toddler beauty pageant. She spends her free time bedazzling jeans and skeet shooting throughout Texas

10. Name: Curtis Lavender
Home State: Florida
Interesting Fact: Due to the extensive amount of time he’s spent in the autoclave, he is often mistaken for bib clips twice his age

Each visitor to www.bibezeforboobeze.com can vote one time. DUX Dental will make the final donation to Mammograms In Action after the completion of the campaign in late October and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Mammograms In Action has a two-fold mission. It is committed to raising awareness and diagnosis of breast cancer in symptomatic people who are under the age of 40, and who thus often don’t meet the current requirements for screening that favor patients over 40. Secondly, the organization provides funding for screening and diagnostic procedures for people who otherwise don’t qualify for funding from the government or other charitable resources. These recipients have typically been turned away from screening because of their age, inability to pay, or because they have lost their health insurance and have no other means of payment. For more information visit www.mammogramsinaction.org.

About DUX Dental
DUX Dental has been manufacturing and distributing the highest level of dental products worldwide for more than 50 years. Based in the coastal city of Oxnard, Calif., with additional manufacturing and distribution facilities in Europe, DUX Dental is home to a world-class team of innovators who produce and service a portfolio of hundreds of dental products and supplies. DUX Dental is well known for its series of industry firsts including Zone Temporary Cement, Identic™ Alginate and Bib-Eze disposable bib holders, as well as its award-winning PeelVue+ sterilization pouches. Visit www.duxdental.com or contact duxoffice@duxdental.com  for more information about DUX Dental products.

About Mammograms In Action
Mammograms In Action is a 501(c)3 non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission it is to raise awareness of the incidence of breast cancer under the age of 40, and provide resources to those that typically would not have access to screening and diagnostic procedures for preventative purposes.

Zionna Munoz founded the organization in 2009 after her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. Due to her young age, there was little concern about the potential of breast cancer and she experienced many challenges in accessing breast health care services. Her courageous journey and strong survivor spirit inspired the creation of Barbells for Boobs and the Mammograms In Action® Grant Program as a proactive voice and supportive resource in the fight against breast cancer. For more information visit www.mammogramsinaction.org.