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Photography by Dr. Michael Tischler


Photography by Dr. Michael Tischler

Dr. Michael Tischler is more than an innovative dentist and Dentistry Today’s Implant Editor. He also is a world-class photographer whose evocative prints have drawn raves from critics and collectors alike.

And now you can see his work at Infusion 2015, a networking event for dental professionals at his gallery in New York City’s fashionable SoHo neighborhood on Friday, December 18.

Join Tischler and others to discuss the latest advances in implant dentistry, computer guided surgery, computer generated prostheses, and more. Food, cocktails, music, and good conversation all will be available.

“I hope attendees will enjoy the food and drink and talking to various dental representatives about products that will affect their practices,” Tischler said. “It will be a unique evening of mingling with colleagues and looking at art. This gallery is large and exciting.”

Of course, attendees also will experience Tischler’s photography, which uses revolutionary high-dynamic-range imaging to capture the dynamic colors and lighting in subjects as different as New York City’s bold skyline and Hudson Valley’s bucolic splendor.

“It all begins by feeling and embracing the moment of light and subject matter that allows me to take an image. Unless I feel an inner ‘yes,’ I don’t even bother taking out my camera,” Tischler said. “There is a magical sense of approval that transcends me when I encounter a scene wrapped in a certain light. It is all about the light.”

Tischler prefers high-caliber equipment, shooting in medium format with 51MP resolution. He then uses tools from multiple programs to bring his images to life, including blending 3 or more exposures of the same image. These images are printed on archival aluminum to increase their effect.

“Aluminum allows a photograph to be displayed without any glass or acrylic in front of it. This allows the colors to be really vibrant,” Tischler said. “You can also clean aluminum with a glass cleaner without damaging it. Images are actually sublimated onto the aluminum, meaning they will not fade for 60 years as tested.”

Tischler’s work will be available for sale during the event and afterward at the gallery. It also is available online at michaeltischler.com in sizes ranging from 16 by 20 inches in a square or rectangular format to 43 by 90 inches in a panoramic format—perfect for his stunning views of both the Big Apple’s avenues and the Hudson Valley’s country byways.

“It’s the greatest city in the world. I can take images day or night, above or underground at any time of the year,” he said of New York. But he doesn’t play favorites, though. As for the Valley?

“I live there and it’s gorgeous.”

The evening will be sponsored by a host of the profession’s top companies, including 3D Diagnostix, 5 Axis Dental Lab, Biohorizons, ClearCorrect, ConeScan, Henry Schein, Jason J. Kim Dental Aesthetics, Keystone Dental, Neodent, Now Media Group, MIS, SurfCT, Yovino Dental, and Zimmer Dental.

Infusion 2015 will take place on Friday, December 18 from 6 to 10 pm at the Tischler Art Gallery SoHo, 350 West Broadway, in New York City. To RSVP, call (631) 581-5121 or email karen@drforlano.com.

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