Disrupting Dental Marketing

Written By: Jackie Ulasewich-Cullen
dental marketing


When I started working in the dental industry, there were very few women. Throughout the years, I have witnessed a shift, and I am excited to see more and more women establishing their careers in dentistry. I am proud, and also humbled, to be a part of an industry in which so many incredible women are making an impact as doctors, entrepreneurs, and executives.

dental marketing

Jackie Ulasewich-Cullen

I began my career in dental laboratory marketing and spent more than a decade working with dental labs across the country. It was during this time that I realized I could use my experience to offer marketing services to dental practices, and I founded My Dental Agency with my business partner, Shawn Berg.

My Dental Agency caters exclusively to dental practices. I am proud to say that most of our team members and collaborators are women. I have also noticed that more of our clients each year are women dentists and practice owners.

Over the years, I have written books and articles, led conferences, and produced podcasts about dental marketing. I’ve shared my knowledge with dental professionals around the country, helping dental practices attract high-quality patients and increase their revenue.

To show my appreciation for being included among the many amazing women professionals in this special issue, I am giving away my latest book, Dental Disruption, as a gift.

For more information, visit dentaldisruption.com/women.