Dentists Warn of Impact From Squeezable Fruit Puree Snacks



Squeezable fruit packs may not be all they’re cracked up to be.

The puree snacks have become a favorite of many children because they are quick, tasty and fruit-based. But dentists say that the snacks may have a devastating effect on a child’s oral health.

The snacks seem like they’re healthy based on their fruit and vegetable content. The products are also organic and possess no added sugar.

The issue lies in the concentrated fruit sugar that builds up on children’s teeth.

The fiber that comes from the fruit doesn’t appear in these drinks. Instead, distilled sugar is what is consumed.

Another problem stems from the fact that these pouches are sometimes consumed for a period of hours. This means teeth are exposed to the sugar for an extended period of time. For comparison’s sake, when eating fruit, the teeth are only exposed to the sugar for a matter of minutes.

Rinsing and brushing are the keys to minimizing the possible negative effects from the sugar.