Dentists Try to Prevent Halloween Tooth Problems



The fear associated with Halloween has nothing to do with the history of the holiday for dentists.

Their fear is completely different. It involves the tooth problems that come from eating all the sugary and sticky candy that cause havoc to a child’s teeth.

That’s why dentists will try to step up the efforts of the Halloween Candy Buy-Back program. This program was started to limit the amount of tooth-harming candy that children consume on Halloween.

Children can bring candy to their dentists, who will then send the candy to Operation Gratitude, which is a military support center. The candy will be shipped along with other necessities for the troops as part of a holiday care package. The children can also write letters and send cards to the troops. For their good deed, children may receive money or some kind of goody bag.

The program will take place across the United States and the rewards for donating candy vary. Last year, the program received around 60 tons of candy.

Any other donations or financial donations are also accepted for this cause.