Dentists Invited to Hypnotherapy Courses



Dental professionals in the United Kingdom have been invited to attend hypnotherapy courses to help nervous patients.

The courses are being run by the Institute of Hypnotherapy for Medical and Dental Practice and the sessions will be taught by Dr. John Butler, the creator of the institute.

The aims of the courses are to teach dentists how to effectively manage nervous dental patients, how to alleviate tension and stress, and how to boost patient numbers and encourage patients to attend routine check-ups. There are two courses being offered; one is an introductory course and the other is an advanced hypnodontics course.

The advanced course is a progression from the introductory course and covers specific subjects and areas, including hypnoanalgesia, pain management and reduction during and after procedures, hypnosis for patients with bruxism and hypnosis for patients with a sensitive gag reflex.

Dental phobia is extremely common and the majority of dental patients experience a degree of anxiety before going to the dentist. Hypnotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular way of dealing with dental anxiety and many practices are now offering hypnotherapy services for anxious dental patients.

The courses will be held in Central London in March. Professionals who wish to attend are encouraged to fill in an online application form.