Dentists Express Concerns with Sports Drinks



Australian dentists are worried about the possibly dangerous effects that will result from sports drinks.

These sports drinks and energy drinks were created to help athletes to improve performance in some form, most likely by aiding hydration or providing some kind of energy boost. But the problem is that large amounts of sugar are needed to accomplish those objectives in some drinks. When more sugar is present, the less healthy the drinks become to one’s dental health.

According to some dentists, there’s a rising number of Australians that have encountered acid erosion since the Olympics were held in Sydney. These dentists have found that many of these problems stem from the consumption of sports and energy drinks.

These are some athletes that drink these types of sugary beverages routinely, and they have developed major, and sometimes irreversible, oral health problems.

More research is necessary to determine if there’s a way for these drinks to still be beneficial to athletes without damaging their teeth.