Dentists’ Digital Marketing Strategies Often Fall Short of Success

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There are significant performance gaps in dental practice marketing strategies, despite the billions of dollars spent on these approaches, according to DMscore. Digital strategies continue to be underutilized throughout small- and medium-sized business (SMB) professional marketing channels, including paid search advertising like Google Adwords, directory presence like Yelp, and search engine optimization, because of local dynamic complexity. 

DMscore collects local data and analyzes and validates digital marketing efforts nationwide for dental practices and other SMB segments. Driven by big data, it then creates DMscores, with actionable recommendations that businesses can use to improve performance. It also highlights geographic trends, such as the most and least competitive areas.

“Our mission is to make the DMscore as understandable as the FICO Score,” said CEO Rand Schulman. “We are analyzing nationwide data sets of millions of professional SMBs, and today see the professional marketing trend fast moving to online spend. We expect to accelerate this with our objective DMscore and partner network.” 

Overall, DMscore has evaluated 54,000 dental practices in the United States. Its study was conducted in December 2019 based on data collected over the previous two years. And according to DMscore, too few dentists optimize their practice’s marketing efforts. For example: 

  • 71% of dentists nationwide have a Yelp profile, but 20% of these profiles are “unclaimed” by the practice itself. Businesses that claim their own profiles can exert more control over the way their business is perceived. 
  • More than 33% of dental sites have poor organic search results, resulting in lower visibility and business loss. Their highest ranking in a Google search was no better than twentieth. 

“The DMscore platform is the first technology in the market allowing professionals to see how well their own digital marketing is performing versus their local competition,” said Samuel Araki, CEO of ElementIQ, a Premier DMscore partner. “This results in more productive interactions with our clients about digital marketing.”

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