Denteractive Partners With Swell to Offer New Practice Growth Solution

Denteractive Solutions Inc.


The Denteractive Teledentistry Platform was built by dentists for dentists and enables dentists everywhere to remotely connect with and care for patients on a fully secure, HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-class platform. Denteractive improves access, transparency and continuity of care for patients and providers all around the globe.

The Swell platform is built around the idea that dental practice growth should be easy. First, Swell helps dentists discover what their patients really think through online reviews and surveys, so dentists can adapt to their patient’s wants and evolving needs. Second, Swell helps dentists stay conveniently connected with patients, so they can provide great customer service. With more online reviews and better patient engagement, dentists can boost their online reputation and search rankings, which results in incredible growth and loads of happy customers.

The Swell platform includes several tools for helping dental practices grow:

Swell Review – Automatically generate more reviews through text to increase traffic to your website and attract new customers.

Swell WebChat – Allow your website visitors to reach you through text, route them to the right person at the right time, and turn them into customers through your website chatbox.

Swell Message – One easy-to-use inbox for your practice that gathers messages from every patient and channel, delivering them to the right person on your team.

Swell Schedule – Allow patients to schedule an appointment online conveniently through text

Swell Pay – Conveniently remind your patients to pay through text to get paid faster

Swell Survey – Capture instant feedback to improve the patient experience.

Swell Insight – Powerful at-a-glance reporting across all aspects of your brand.

“We’re proud to partner with Swell. They’ve done excellent work helping dentists grow their practices. This partnership also helps patients which is what we are all about. Dentists can stay in touch with their patients better, know exactly how they feel about their practice, and even pinpoint areas for improvement. Here at Denteractive, we help connect patients to dentists. Partnering our teledentistry solution with Swell is a natural fit and together we will improve the dental experience for both dentists and patients,” said Reza Izadi, the CEO and founder of Denteractive.

“Combining our solution with the Denteractive platform gives dentists new ways to grow their practices,” says Drew Sparks, CEO and founder of Swell. “Now when a potential patient visits a dentist’s site, the dentist can engage directly with the patient through Teledentistry, and automated appointment setting and routine office questions can be immediately answered through our web chat, text messaging and Facebook messenger features. Once treated patients are encouraged to leave online reviews through an interface simple enough to trigger a wave of positive reviews that improves a dentist’s search rankings and practice momentum. And it all takes about 30 minutes to setup and get it working for them.”

Denteractive’s new Unlimited+Growth tier of service combines unlimited Teledentistry capabilities with exactly the patient engagement tools every dentist needs to accelerate their practice all for a very friendly monthly fee of $250. Dentists can sign up for FREE and try Unlimited+Growth for 30 days to see how quickly this Denteractive+Swell combined offering will accelerate their practice. Please visit to learn more.


In addition to offering a nationwide network of on-call 24/7 TeleDentists, Denteractive also offers its leading teledentistry platform to dentists everywhere for a low monthly fee. The Denteractive Teledentistry Platform is used by dentists throughout the United States enabling them to connect with and care for their patients in face-to-face live teledentistry video sessions and private text messaging all on a fully secure, HIPAA compliant enterprise class platform. Learn more at


Swell is an automated growth platform that helps local businesses acquire new customers and retain existing customers by modernizing the way businesses get found online and communicate with prospects. Swell provides best-in-class solutions around online review generation and monitoring, omnichannel communication, and automated personalized messaging. Learn more at


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