Dental Waiting Times May be An Issue in Some Places



The average wait time for a dental appointment in South Australia is two months. And that’s after the average wait time has decreased during the last six months.

Despite the positive direction the wait times are headed in for the Riverland area of Australia, the waits are still double the wait times compared to Adelaide. The waits for Riverland residents are still 18 months for dental care that is not considered urgent.

A mobile dental clinic will soon be opening to try to easy the burden dentists in the area are often faced with.

There are also cases of private dentists treating public patients because the wait times are so prohibitive in this area. The only way to accommodate all of the dental patients is for private dentists to step in as much as possible.

A new clinic, which would work in connection with the University of Adelaide, may also be in the plans.

The ultimate goal is to create enough dental facilities/personnel to be able to have each person in Australia visit a public dentist once each year.