Dental School Will Now Teach Life-Threatening Medical Emergencies



The University of Maryland School of Dentistry will now train future dentists to respond to life-threatening medical emergencies in a dental environment. The school joined forces with the University of Maryland R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

To add this information to the curriculum, a simulated, computerized mannequin will be utilized to teach the students. The mannequin, known as Sim Man, responds to various treatments. It has the ability to talk and offers many of the vital signs that an actual person possesses. It weighs roughly 160 pounds.

The faculty will have the ability to change vital signs based on the way the mannequin is treated by the dental student.

The mannequin was recently utilized by dental students who had no advance knowledge they would be working on it. The mannequin went into cardiac arrest and the students had to decide the proper course of action.

The computer inside the mannequin is programmed to respond the way a person would, and reacts to the depth or force used on chest compressions, for example.

With the mannequin, all aspects of emergency situations can be prepared for. The training team comprises a dentist, assistant and additional medical help. This allows the dentist and doctor to work effectively with each other and provides the knowledge to the students of when they should be doing what in these situations. Every aspect in an emergency situation can result in the patient eventually recovering or the patient’s eventual death.