Dental Problems More Common In Special-Needs Children



Special-needs children don’t receive the dental care they need in many cases.

This information likely isn’t a surprise. Dental care isn’t usually the top priority for parents of special-needs children because medical care generally is more important. The ability for a parent to take care of a child’s oral health likely is more complicated, as well.

The dental issues the child encounters depends on the condition or disease the child is afflicted with. Children that have some type of physical problem or limitation may not be capable of doing things like brushing his or her teeth. It also may be a matter of the child not comprehending the importance of oral health.

For patients with Down syndrome, for example, teeth grinding and clenching may often be a problem. The repeated grinding will eventually wear out the enamel.

Many dentists suggest specialist care for special-needs children because of the vulnerability the children have to dental problems that other people may not have. In many cases, it benefits the child and the dentist if the dentist is aware of the full extent of the child’s medical condition.