Dental Laser Gets Software Upgrade

Richard Gawel


Convergent Dental has announced a software upgrade to its Solea laser system. The first FDA-approved, carbon-dioxide (CO2), 9.3-µm dental laser for hard and soft tissue now includes a 1.00-mm-XC (coarse cut) spot size, an improved 1.00-mm (standard cut) spot size, and the Solea Software 2.4.0 Automatic Software Upgrade feature. According to the company, the new spot sizes enhance the laser’s performance and create versatility for dentists looking to limit their use of the traditional drill and deliver virtually anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures.

“Solea allows dentists to choose one of 3 tissue types: enamel, dentin, and soft tissue. Typically they just use the default pulse duration (length of time for each pulse), pick a spot size, and then simply vary pressure on the footpedal to obtain the desired cutting speed,” said Michael Cataldo, Convergent Dental CEO.

In fact, the 1.00-mm-XC spot size ablates dental tissue as quickly as the 1.25-mm-XC spot size, but in a smaller, more precise pattern. The new 1.00-mm (standard cut) spot size replaces the original 1.0-mm spot and ablates faster and smoother than its predecessor, Convergent said.

“When we implemented the 1.25 XC pattern (spot size), our dentists reported that cutting speed increased fourfold. Again with this new release, our dentists are telling us that the new spots cut around 2 to 3 times faster than the previous ones,” Cataldo said. “The goal is to make incremental improvements in speed and patient experience with each new release and the feedback is that these 2 new spots have accomplished that.”

The new spot sizes are designed to mimic bur sizes to make it easier than ever for dentists to transition from traditional drills.

“When Solea was introduced, there were only 4 spot sizes. With this release, there are now 6 spot sizes. With each software release, the new spots have increased cutting speed, decreased patient sensation, and given the dentists another tool they can use. As the options increase, so does Solea’s versatility,” said Cataldo.

The company offers a full day of hands-on training for first-time users. It also provides interactive, online training delivered before and after the hands-on class. Online training modules are developed for each release so existing users can fully understand how to use the new features. Training is delivered via

And with Solea Software 2.4.0, dentists can automatically receive software updates via their in-office Wi-Fi system. Users just enter a special PIN, and the latest software is downloaded from the Convergent Dental servers. The company plans on software upgrades every quarter, and users will be notified for each update.

“We will continue to improve patterns for the long term,” Cataldo said. “This might include speed and precision improvements as well as even better analgesia. We always try to improve usability so that it is even easier for dentists to come up to speed with Solea.”