Dental Checkups May Limit Risk of Heart Attack



The best way to lower the risk for a heart attack may be visiting the dentist. A new study indicates that heart attack risk goes down roughly 25 percent with regular trips to the dentist.

The study, which comes from a research team in Taiwan, shows that basic dental cleaning lowers heart attack risk by about 24 percent and risk of stroke by roughly 13 percent.

This information was brought to the American Heart Association meeting in Orlando. The reason for the dental visits’ positive impact is based on the way that inflammation can be prevented, and inflammation is something that can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

The research also demonstrates that scaling treatments allow for more protection against strokes and heart attacks, according to Dr. Zu-Yin Chen, a cardiology fellow in Taipei.

To compile the data, study analyzed 100,000 people beginning in 2007. The results showed that people who had their teeth cleaned once in the last year how a lower risk for experiencing heart problems or having a heart attack or stroke.