Darby Dental Supply Partners with the Shelby County Dental Society



Jericho, NY (March 1, 2012) – Darby Dental Supply, LLC, the largest all-telesales national distributor of dental merchandise, recently partnered with the President of the Shelby County Dental Society, Dr. Marrio Thomas, to support the 4th annual Loving Memphis event.  Loving Memphis took place on Saturday, February 18th, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at Dr. Thomas’ dental practice, Dr. Marrio Smiles, located at 670 Colonial Road, and the Global Dentistry Center, 2781 Airways Blvd., both located in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Loving Memphis is an all-day event that provides free dental exams and necessary treatment for patients who may not have dental insurance, or the means to access quality dental care.  Triages are set up in the dental offices, where approximately 15-20 dentists and dental students volunteer their time to provide much-needed oral healthcare to patients.  All attendees are treated to a blood pressure check, a thorough oral examination, and follow-up care that can include an extraction up to one tooth.  A typical Loving Memphis event attracts up to
160 patients. 

Darby Dental Supply donated a wide assortment of dental and hygiene supplies to the event, including suction tips, surgical gowns, gauze, sutures, surgical blades, burs, hygiene barriers, and surgical masks.  According to Darby President Gary Rosenberg, “We are pleased to join forces with Dr. Thomas and the many dental professionals who selflessly donate their time, expertise, and professional services to the citizens of Memphis.  We will always support dental professionals who go above and beyond in order to take care of people who may not be
as fortunate.”

“We are so thankful to the Darby team, who have supported our efforts with generous donations of oral care items for the past two years,” remarked Dr. Thomas.  “It’s such a satisfying feeling to know that by joining together we have raised the standard of care for the less fortunate in our community.  The numerous physicians and healthcare workers who selflessly provide their services are a true example of professionals who take pride in their profession and helping others, simply because they can.  To know that our neighbors benefit from our efforts is so rewarding.”

Darby Dental Supply’s diverse philanthropic efforts include a recent emphasis on U.S. military troops deployed overseas.  For the past five years, Darby has had the Full Pay Deployment Program in place for its National Guard and Reserve member employees.  The program assures these employees that their jobs will be waiting for them when they return.  In addition, Darby provided much-needed medical supplies to a makeshift shelter in Kesennuma, Japan, which was devastated by a recent earthquake and tsunami. 

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