Darby and Dental Fix Rx Partner for Service and Repair



Darby Dental Supply, LLC, has announced a partnership with Dental Fix Rx to bring dental equipment service and repair to its customers.

“We have listened closely to our customers as they discussed their business needs,” said Scott Walsh, vice president of sales at Darby Dental Supply. “Partnering with expert technicians at Dental Fix Rx provides the services that our customers want and need, while allowing us to continue to offer products at more competitive pricing without carrying the fixed expense of an in-house team of service technicians.”

“Customer service is one of the key factors in Dental Fix Rx’s success,” said David Lopez, CEO of Dental Fix Rx. “Darby is a very customer-centric organization and we see a lot of synergies here that will help both businesses grow in this changing economy.”

Darby expanded its capital equipment offerings a few years ago after redefining its overall business model.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in this category year over year, and we are thrilled that Dental Fix Rx will be providing high-quality service and repair to our customers,” said Richard Kelstein, Darby’s national equipment sales manager. “We have had ongoing discussions with manufacturers and are working to expand new and existing product lines now that we are partnering with Dental Fix Rx to provide direct service and repair to our customers.”

Both companies also support the United States military, with Darby contributing to troops deployed overseas and Dental Fix Rx offering franchise discounts and incentives for veterans looking to start their own repair business.

For more information, visit darby.com and dentalfixrx.com.

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