Danaher to Spin Dental Companies Off Into the Envista Holdings Corporation

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Danaher Corporation will spin its Nobel Biocare Systems, KaVo Kerr, and Ormco companies off into a separate company named Envista Holdings Corporation via an initial public offering in the second half of 2019. Amir Aghdaei, who is currently a Danaher group executive responsible for the company’s dental segment, will be Envista’s president and chief executive officer. 

“Envista’s name is a combination of two Latin root words: en, a prefix meaning to be within, and vista, meaning a view. Our logo of concentric circles represents our ability to collaboratively achieve endless possibilities ahead. The Envista brand reflects the forward-looking energy that embodies our company culture,” said Aghdaei.

“Envista’s culture will be built on four core values: ‘Better Choices, Better Outcomes,’ ‘Relationships Built on Trust,’ ‘Innovation in Action,’ and ‘Continuous Improvement as a Competitive Advantage.’ Our Danaher heritage helped us shape these values and serves as a strong foundation for our business. The Envista Business System, which will be based on the Danaher Business System, will be out common operating model,” said Aghdaei.

Envista will be the home of brands including Nobel Biocare, KaVo, Kerr, i-CAT, Dexis, Metrex, Pelton & Crane, Ormco, Implant Direct, and Orascoptic. It will employ 12,000 people worldwide and be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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