Ceramic Brackets Debond in One Piece

Richard Gawel


Ormco Corporation has added a .018 slot option to its line of Symetri Clear ceramic twin brackets. Designed with a low profile and ample torque and tie-wing strength as well as with an optimized pattern on their base, the Symetri Clear series brackets debond in one piece, requiring minimal forces and without fracturing, Ormco reports. The brackets are offered in the McLaughlin, Bennet, Trevisi prescription. 

To better manage treatment flexibility and prevent bracket breakage, Symetri Clear brackets are made of polycrystalline-alumina using a proprietary grain-size particle and are designed to withstand clinical demands often expected when using metal brackets. Combined with advanced processing, Ormco says, the material provides tie-wing and torque fracture resistance so clinicians can treat effectively and efficiently, especially when steel ligatures are needed.

With deep undercuts, the low-profile design will facilitate double-tying with steel ligatures. Occlusal interference also is minimized. Plus, the rounded surfaces and edges enhance patient comfort while diffusing light better than a flat surface, adding to the bracket’s aesthetic appeal, Ormco says.

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