Daily Drinking May Increase Oral Cancer Risk



Two glasses of wine or some types of beer on a daily basis can increase oral cancer risk, according to a recent study.

The information came to light after the United Kingdom unveiled an advertising campaign aimed at discouraging daily drinking. The campaign also hopes to raise awareness about the causes and symptoms of oral cancer.

Some of the advertising will also target drinking and some of the other health problems associated with excessive drinking, such as high blood pressure.

Dentists and other health professionals will also begin passing out pamphlets regarding this issue. This is a major problem based on the fact that one of every five adults drinks more than the recommended daily amount of alcohol.

According to some of the campaign’s information, alcohol plays a part in about 12,500 cases of cancer. This includes various forms of cancer in the throat, mouth, etc.

These issues stem from the fact that many people need a drink or two to unwind in the evening after work. It’s important for people to know that it’s not just binge drinkers who are at risk for health problems based on alcohol consumption.