Celebrate Oral Cancer Awareness Month by Offering Screenings



Approximately 48,250 people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer this year, with one death every hour, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF). Early detection can save many of these lives, which is why April has been named Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

The OCF is supporting educational and clinical efforts with resources and outreach programs. Many of its partners are offering simple visual and tactile screenings in April, and the organization is encouraging dental practices to host similar events.

For example, practices can invite patients to schedule screenings at their convenience. Or, practices can schedule and promote events where patients with appointments and walk-ins alike can get screened. These events can take place troughout the community as well as at the practice.

Practices then can add these events to the calendar on the OCF website. OCF also offers downloadable patient releases, referral forms, fact sheets, posters, web badges, and brochures in addition to buttons and wristbands for staff. Marketing guides are available as well.

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