Cavity Identification Technology Finds More Equity Funding Support

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GreenMark Biomedical has secured $670,000 in equity funding to further develop and commercialize its patented nanoparticle-based dental technology, which identifies early dental pre-cavities that can be treated noninvasively to prevent the formation of cavities.

This funding from the University of Michigan MINTS program, Invest Michigan, and Red Cedar Ventures follows $530,000 in earlier funding from Blue Water Angels, Western Michigan University’s BRCC, and Invest Detroit Ventures.

Developed by GreenMark in collaboration with the University of Michigan, the technology utilizes bioresorbable and fluorescently labelled starch-based nanoparticles that target active cavities in their early stages and illuminate them using a standard curing light. 

By finding these active cavities early, dentists can treat them via non-surgical options, resulting in less discomfort and improved long-term outcomes for patients. These nanoparticles then degrade into harmless materials by the time the patient is ready to leave the dental office. 

GreenMark’s team also has demonstrated the ability to load the essential materials, depleted as a result of tooth decay, directly inside the starch particles. While current fluoride products seal the enamel surface without restoring the dominant subsurface lesion, GreenMark’s treatment targets the enamel subsurface.

“We are excited by the potential of the technology as well as with GreenMark’s multi-disciplinary team of recognized experts in medicine, dentistry, biomaterials, manufacturing, finance, and business development,” said Rafael Castilla, director of investments at MINTS. 

“These targeted diagnostic and treatment products can have major implications for dental patients by preventing cavity formation at the onset through identification and nonsurgical treatment, reducing the need for invasive and costly dental procedures,” said Charlie Moret, chairman and CEO of Invest Michigan.

“The technology and business development is being led by a proven entrepreneur and represents an exciting opportunity for dentists and patients alike,” said Jeff Wesley, executive director of Red Cedar Ventures.

GreenMark also is leveraging federal and state funding from the MCRN Small Company Innovation Program, the Michigan Small Business Development Corporation, and the National Institutes of Health.

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