CareCru Unveils New Rebrand with Launch of New Website

CareCru Inc.



CareCru, an intelligent automation and team productivity platform for dental practices and groups, has launched a new brand identity to reflect its position as an enterprise growth platform. The updated brand comes with a new tagline, “The Last Practice Growth Platform You’ll Ever Need”, which reinforces CareCru’s expertise in delivering an all-in-one platform that allows practices to manage the entire patient lifecycle with minimal effort.

“Our new identity needed to satisfy the familiarity and expectations that our customers and partners have grown to love, while concurrently moving the brand forward with fresh thinking and new ideas,” says Mark Joseph, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing. “CareCru is continuously innovating its platform with increased intelligence, powerful automation, and boosted team productivity. It’s important that these traits are captured and conveyed in the new brand reveal.”

CareCru’s Enterprise and Pro platform empowers dental groups and practices to scale faster, all while reducing overhead, streamlining operations, and focusing employee efforts on higher value activities. The organization is continuously evolving their technology to allow dental teams to do more with less effort.

According to Joseph, “Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do and it’s something our customers have grown accustomed to. There is no time to stay complacent. We’re always looking at ways to improve our platform, our brand, our messaging, and our service, to be a trusted partner that our customers can rely on.”

As part of the new brand launch, CareCru has unveiled a new logo—a wordmark intended to express care and growth. The organization’s initials (CC) are featured with a heart and a checkmark combined to communicate growth and productivity. The brand is supported by an updated color palette and is reinforced by imagery that keeps the focus on the modern, progressive dental practices whom CareCru serves. As part of the brand refresh, the company has also launched a new website.

About CareCru

CareCru is the creator of Donna, an AI-driven growth platform for dental practices and dental groups. Donna supercharges practice growth by automating front office work thus boosting team productivity, evaluating practice health, and providing actionable insights for improvement.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Brimbus Production Pvt Ltd from Pixabay