Diamond Braces’ Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Oleg Drut Puts the Focus on Technology

Diamond Braces
diamond, diamond braces


diamond, diamond braces

Diamond Braces has always been on the cutting edge of technology – and it has helped them provide orthodontic care for thousands of patients across the New York tri-state area.

Thanks to iTero intraoral scanners, a product of Align Technology, Diamond Braces orthodontists can capture a patient’s dentition with a quick scan and create a digital impression of their entire mouth. This method eschews the need for traditional impressions using dental putty. 3D scans allow patients to avoid extra doctor’s visits and focus more on work, school, extracurricular activities, and more.

With the intraoral scan in place, the Diamond Braces orthodontic team can perform a few different procedures, including case diagnosis, as well as create Invisalign aligners or indirect bonding trays to place brackets prior to braces installation.

Indirect bonding trays, created using the patient’s intraoral scan, are printed with a 3D printer on-site for added convenience and efficiency. The bonding trays can increase levels of precision when placing brackets when compared to direct bonding methods and can even result in shorter treatment times.

Diamond Braces can even create digital expanders using 3D printers. Expanders are an orthodontic appliance that creates more space in a patient’s mouth, usually used in the upper arch. 3D printed arch expanders require less time to make, leading to less patient chair time, shorter overall treatment times, and a more pleasant experience.

As patients continue their treatment, Diamond Braces orthodontists can remotely monitor their patient’s progress through virtual appointments.

Who is Dr. Oleg Drut?

Dr. Oleg Drut serves as Diamond Braces’ Chief Clinical Officer and is the man who keeps the company ahead of the curve. Dr. Drut continues to introduce new equipment into Diamond Braces offices across the tri-state area to help service the area’s busy customer base.

As Diamond Braces offices become more efficient, they can provide care to more patients, leading to more Diamond smiles.

“Technology can help up to provide efficient treatments and lower costs,” said Dr. Drut. “We can provide great savings to our patients by maximizing efficiency without compromising quality of care.”

About Diamond Braces

The company, a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider, is a leader in high-quality orthodontic care on the East Coast. For over 20 years, the company has been guided by its principles of affordability, accessibility, and amazing service. For more information, visit www.diamondbraces.com

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