CAO Group Upgrades the World’s First Plug-Play Retrofit LED Light Bulb for Dental Chairs

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The CAO Group, Inc. (CAO), a world leading high-technology dental company, has upgraded ClearVue LED bulb, the world’s first plug-play retrofit LED light bulb for major brands of dental chairs.

Lighting is an essential part of dental examinations and surgeries. The main light source is the light fixture attached to the dental chair. The majority of these light fixtures use a halogen bulb as the light source which has a short lifetime, generates a substantial amount of heat, and consumes more than 30 watts of electrical energy. In contrast, an LED light source provides long lifetime, lower heat, and 80% less energy usage.

Currently, in order to change to an LED light source for the dental chair, the entire fixture has to be replaced with an LED light fixture – a time consuming and high-cost activity for both near-term and long-term operation. ClearVue LED bulb is designed to plug into the existing sockets of the light fixture as a direct replacement to the halogen bulb, without changing any components of the light fixture in the dental chair.

“ClearVue LED bulb technology converts halogen light to LED light in the dental chair just like LED light bulbs in the consumer market, removing halogen bulb and plugging in LED bulb. It enables dental practitioners to enjoy the LED benefits instantly, with a high quality light source, lower heat, and lower energy consumption, and the most importance – low cost,” said Dr. Densen Cao, PhD, CEO and founder of CAO. “ClearVue LED bulb is an advance for LED light sources that we invented 20 years ago and are now widely adopted in general lighting in the consumer and industrial market.”

The patented ClearVue LED bulb offers 15,000 lumen light output, 5000K color temperature, and 5-year warranty. The ClearVue can retrofit major brands of dental chairs including A-Deck, Pelton Crane, Midmark, and others.

For more information about the ClearVue LED bulb, please visit or call 1-877-877-9778.

About The CAO Group, Inc.

The CAO Group, Inc. (CAO), is a world leading high technology company that develops dental, medical, veterinary, and forensic products and solutions. CAO is a leading innovator in dental materials and devices, with more than 160 issued and pending patents for its products, which focus on methods and results that are easier, faster, and better.

Notable world’s first innovations are LED dental curing lights, LED light source for general lighting, LED forensic light, modern diode laser system, advanced teeth whitening strips, dental curing laser, advanced hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant, caries risk testing strip and saliva condition adjust mint, plug-n-play retro fit LED dental chair light, and others. CAO founded in year 2000 by Dr. Densen Cao, is headquartered in West Jordan (Salt Lake City), Utah.

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