Breakthrough TV Series to Show Dental and Medical Systemic Connection



KSS Productions is currently in predevelopment of Extreme Faces, Miracle Cases, a first-of-its-kind television series that will highlight the connection of recent studies that irrefutably proves the connection of oral hygiene and its direct correlation to overall health and systemic diseases. The series will bring help to countless people by taking on real-life extreme cases and helping those in dire need through the selfless and compassionate assistance of the dental and medical communities combined.

Extreme Faces, Miracle Cases is also proud to announce that Lila Lazarus, an award-winning journalist, renowned television anchorwoman and health reporter personality from the Fox network in Detroit, will be hosting this series. Lila is a seasoned and accomplished anchorwoman who brings with her a vast amount of experience as a Health Reporter for Fox as well for NBC. Lila is extremely active in community and charitable organizations and is President of “Kids Kicking Cancer”. Lila’s professional accomplishments include covering Nelson Mandela’s inauguration in South Africa and receiving multiple Emmy Awards, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Award, two Clarion Awards and the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons Award in back-to-back years. Lila brings to this series a passion to help others, do the right thing and always to give back to the community at large.

Working closely with the dental and medical communities, Extreme Faces, Miracle Cases will showcase and bring help to people that have been diagnosed with systemic diseases that have stemmed from poor oral hygiene and help bring joy back into the lives of so many who have nowhere else to turn. By creating a nationwide network of dental and medical professionals as partners in a mutual humanitarian effort, Extreme Faces, Miracle Cases will be able to take on cases almost anywhere in the country, providing help to those who cannot afford the help they so desperately need.

While in predevelopment and currently shopping the TV series to the networks, Extreme Faces, Miracle Cases has already been embraced by both the dental and medical communities and by everyone who has heard about it. One of the series co-creators, Samantha Kastner-Gandy said: “We are all so appreciative of the overwhelming outpouring of support and endorsements we have already received by such prestigious organizations as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry and publications such as Dentistry Today, as well as many others. We openly invite and welcome all dental and medical organizations and individual professional practitioners to join us in this life-saving series of hope, transformation and inspiration.”

“This is a great opportunity to bring a much needed awareness to the public of the understated importance of oral health and how it relates to systemic diseases such as heart diseases, septic poisoning, cancers and many more illnesses,” said Kevin Gandy, the series co-creator.

The series writer, Steven M. Bloome said: “Our series, while inspirational and full of heartwarming stories of hope and inspiration, along with its hard-hitting facts approach should put the importance of preventative dentistry and how it relates to overall health on the forefront of the minds of the American public. Extreme Faces, Miracle Cases creates a new-found urgency for people to go see their dental professional for preventative care, instead of procrastinating until they are in pain with more serious oral health issues, or worse, become deathly ill due to systemic diseases that could have been easily prevented with proper attention and care.”

Extreme Faces, Miracle Cases is slated to be a truly inspirational and uplifting series. Much more than a series about clinical studies, the focus of Extreme Faces, Miracle Cases will be on the real life stories of the extreme patients: their lives, how they got to such extreme need, how it affected their lives as well as those of their family, how there are compassionate, selfless and giving dental and medical professionals and organizations willing to help and how their lives improved. It will also focus on how they were given a new lease of hope and promise for their future and kept their family whole.

The show plans on working with and assisting charitable organizations to further bring the importance of preventative dentistry to the forefront of the minds of the American public, while also helping to make the association’s charities a household name to further help those in need.

Extreme Faces, Miracle Cases openly invites any dental professional and dental organizations to join our quest in creating a paradigm shift in the way preventative dentistry is viewed, and more important, utilized on a regular basis in an effort to minimize systemic diseases that stem from poor dental hygiene.