Bottled Water May Not be Better Than Tap Water



Bottled water may not be safer than tap water.

Some dentists are now claiming that children who regularly drink bottled water are seeing increased rates of tooth decay. This stems from the lack of fluoride in the bottled water.

That’s where fluoridated toothpaste comes in. If a child’s teeth aren’t being exposed to fluoride through water or brushing, then he or she isn’t getting the necessary amount of fluoride to keep teeth healthy. It’s also possible for the dentist can also provide the fluoride varnish essential for healthy teeth.

According to most research, the increased amount of cases of tooth decay for children who regularly drink bottled water is purely coincidental. It underscores, however, that there are major benefits to giving children fluoridated water.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that bottled could be to blame for the lack of fluoride and resulting tooth decay in some children.

More research is necessary, however, to determine whether or not there are other underlying factors resulting in the tooth decay of the bottled-water drinkers.