BISCO’s Duo-Link Universal Provides Cutting-Edge Cementation

Courtesy of Dr. Jack D. Griffin.


Courtesy of Dr. Jack D. Griffin.

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In recent years, the number of choices for ceramic restorations has significantly increased as patients continue to demand better aesthetic dentistry. Cementation becomes an extremely critical factor in providing the durability of these ceramic restorations. Choosing the wrong cement for the restorative material or poor cementation technique can lead to premature failure.

With an increasing number of cement options available, BISCO’s Duo-Link Universal is an excellent cement worth considering. Due to its versatility, Duo-Link Universal can be used with nearly all indirect ceramic restorations and cementation techniques (total-etch, selective-etch, or self-etch) and can be either self-cured or light-cured. Its high degree of conversion in either curing mode ensures you will have a proper cure in any clinical situation.

Duo-Link Universal is available in 2 shade options: Universal and Milky White. The Universal cement can be used for the majority of restorations. However, the Milky White cement will aid in brightening or neutralizing an IPS e.max restoration that has a dark prep shade.

Also, Duo-Link Universal has outstanding physical properties with low film thickness and high flexural strength. Its exceptionally low film thickness allows complete seating of restorations, outstanding marginal integrity, and reduced marginal leakage. By exhibiting a high flexural strength, Duo-Link Universal is outstanding in high-stress restorations. It forms a micro-mechanical bond to both tooth structure on one side and restorative material on the other side.

There is no doubt cements are critical in the placement of ceramic restorations, and Duo-Link Universal is an excellent option with great stability that will ensure a long-lasting restorative placement.

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