Bien-Air Develops World’s Safest Contra-Angle: EVO.15



In response to public health authorities’ growing concern over patient burns caused by electric dental handpieces, Swiss medical technologies company Bien-Air Dental S.A. introduces EVO.15, the safest contra-angle on the market today.

In procedures making use of electric handpieces, the briefest 12-newton contact between the instrument’s push-button and the patient’s inner-cheek causes the former to overheat, resulting in possible burn injuries.

“While overheating can be an indication of a damaged or clogged instrument, laboratory

evaluations reveal that this hazard is just as prevalent in new and properly-maintained handpieces,” says Clémentine Favre, Laboratory & Validation Manager for EVO.15. She goes on to specify that the most severe cases have caused third-degree burns requiring reconstructive surgery thereby likely subjecting the practitioner to lengthy legal actions.

Equipped with patented COOLTOUCH+™ heat-arresting technology, EVO.15 is the only contra-angle proven never to exceed human body temperature. After years of research and development, it is engaged to protect both the patient and the clinician during some of the profession’s most frequently performed procedures. Additionally, EVO.15 features a considerably smaller and lighter shockproof head and premieres technological innovations ranging from a new spray/illumination system to an improved burlocking system.

Due to be presented at the Cologne International Dental Show (IDS) in March 2015, EVO.15 is available worldwide where Bien-Air products are sold in June. Committed to safety, EVO.15 gives progressive dental practitioners peace of mind in all situations.