Free Software Analyzes and Compares Benefit Plans



All ADA members are now eligible to receive a free, 6-month trial of the ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer from Sikka Software. The tool is designed to help dentists evaluate the potential revenue and costs of becoming a provider for dental benefit plans and compare their outcomes via the Sikka Software Platform Cloud.

The ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer connects with the dentist’s practice management system, automatically pulling out key data points integral to evaluating insurance plans. Dentists can choose from a list of preferred provider organization (PPO) and dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) plans across the nation to evaluate.

Based on practice-specific inputs, the ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer scores the plan on a 100-point scale, providing a visualization of potential value that can be added to the practice. Each score is unique to a practice and accounts for differences in operational management.

Additionally, dentists receive an estimate of gross revenue and overhead costs as well as the chair time and practitioner hours associated with serving the patients in the network. Estimates are based on practice inputs, so practices can better manage their capacities and administrative hours and ensuring all patients receive the time they need to achieve optimum oral health.

Each dental plan is different. By using the unique inputs from a practice alongside the proposed fee plan, dentists can compare plans side by side for quick and accurate evaluations. Side by side comparisons remove the guesswork from choosing insurance plans by providing standardized data that dentists need for objective evaluation.

“Previously, dentists have needed to guess which insurance plans will be profitable for their practice while also best serving the dental needs of their community,” said Vijay Sikka, CEO of Sikka Software. “With the ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer, dental professionals can make informed decisions about which insurances to accept and feel confident they have made the best choice for their practice and their patients.”

ADA members can enroll for the free 6-month trial at Nonmembers can purchase the tool through the ADA catalog. For more information, go to

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