Bad Gums Mean Bad Future



Nothing may be more indicative of one’s oral health than the condition of his or her gums.

Those numbers the dentist or hygienist is reciting are gum health, not the number of teeth present. A 3-mm pocket depth would be considered healthy, while 4 mm is a warning. When reaching 5 or 6 mm, a deep cleaning may be necessary. If the number is still higher, gum surgery is necessary. If effective, the patient can return to normal activity quite soon.

Gums recede and become inflamed or infected based on a buildup of bacteria. Gum disease and tooth decay comprise about 90 percent of tooth loss, based on information from the American Dental Association.

But gum disease is mostly preventable by regular brushing, flossing and dental cleanings. The problems stem from a lack of flossing and the incorrect brushing method that many people use.

That’s why it’s crucial for people to be proactive in their oral health, avoiding any expensive and time-consuming procedures in the future. Regular dental visits are also pivotal.