Baby Bottles Result in Tooth Decay



One of the top causes of tooth decay is a baby bottle, according to dentists.

Tooth decay remains a major problem for babies. There’s now evidence that shows baby bottles are one of the major reasons decay develops.

About two out of five children beginning kindergarten have at least one decayed tooth, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It’s disappointing for dentists because this is an issue that can easily be prevented.

Many parents put children to bed with substances full of sugar, including fruit juices, milk, formula and breast milk. This sugar opens the possibility for the bacteria that develops into tooth decay.

When the baby’s teeth start to emerge, the child is already at risk for tooth decay based on the amount of bacteria present. Giving the child water is a solution to this issue.

It’s also common for the caregiver to unintentionally pass on bacteria to the child. Sharing utensils with your child is a surefire way for the baby to eventually develop tooth decay.

When a baby has untreated tooth decay, a dentist may have to pull the teeth because there are times when the teeth cannot be salvaged. That’s why dental visits for babies are just as important as they are for adults.