App Finds and Buys Burs Right From Your Phone

Richard Gawel


Yes, there’s an app for that. Solutions Finder from Brasseler USA finds bur systems right on your iPad or iPhone. It is now available for free at the iTunes store and at

After downloading and launching the app, dental professionals input information based on the specific procedure they are working on, including crowns, veneers, inlay/onlays, composites, amalgams, removable prosthetics, and laboratory procedures. Next, users can choose from a wide variety of material choices within the procedure category.

Once the material is selected, Solutions Finder displays recommended procedure systems for the specified material. Users then can view detailed information about each recommended solution kit, including photos, system components, and various complimentary items. More than 175 kits are available.

But what if you have a question about the selections? 

“The app has links that allow the user to send emails to Brasseler’s customer service team,” said James Grove, manager of e-commerce and digital strategy at Brasseler USA. “It also allows the user to request a price quote on a solution kit.”

The application covers all Brasseler bur systems, including procedure systems designed by dental clinicians exclusively for Brasseler USA. It will be continually updated with additional content as new kits become available. And users won’t have to go hunting for these updates, either.

“The new updates will automatically be available when the user opens the app,” Grove said.

The app currently connects users with solution kits, though Brasseler has plans for bringing its other products into the mobile world—either as part of Solutions Finder or in their own apps.

“As we identify the need for new categories, we will have to decide on a case-by-case basis whether those will work better in an app of their own or integrated into the existing app,” Grove said.

Also, Android users don’t have to feel left out.

“We anticipate porting the app to Android if there is sufficient demand for it,” he said.