Alta Smiles Offers New, Groundbreaking Hidden Orthodontic Treatment

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Alta Smiles, LLC, a groundbreaking orthodontic care company, is making waves in the dental and orthodontic space with the launch of the latest, most innovative teeth alignment treatment on the market—C5 Hidden Orthodontics.

alta smiles

Alta Smiles, founded by entrepreneur Gary Giegerich, was formed to make high-quality orthodontic and Orthodontics oral care solutions more accessible and convenient through innovation and technology. Utilizing pioneered and invented by renowned orthodontist Dr. Benjamin Cassalia, who joined Alta Smiles early on in its development as an equity owner and lead orthodontist, C5 Hidden Orthodontics is setting a new standard of truly hidden and totally comfortable smile transformations.

“Alta Smiles was founded on the belief that world-class orthodontic care should be available to everyone – regardless of location. This core belief drove us to develop our proprietary orthodontic care delivery model whereby Alta Smiles provides a fully supported solution to both dentists and patients. Our highly credentialed orthodontists provide remote treatment planning to our dental Certified Providers for every patient appointment before and during treatment. This team approach to care is an industry first, which enables dentists to treat the full suite of orthodontic care options with total confidence,” explains President and CEO Gary Giegerich.

The innovative C5 Hidden Orthodontics is the next generation of the proven Wirelign technology invented and practiced by Dr. Cassalia. C5 is designed to offer the most discreet alternative to traditional braces and aligners.

Using tiny Super-flex adjustable wires that are bonded to the back of the patient’s teeth, they gently exert pressure to straighten the teeth. Founded on the 5 C’s—concealed, custom, comfortable, confidence, and convenience — combines unmatched discreetness with Alta’s Opti-IPTM digital treatment planning protocols and exclusive V5xTM remote patient monitoring technology. In addition, Alta Smiles’ training program allows any dental office to perform the procedure.

“We at Alta Smiles are so excited to launch another industry first – C5 Hidden Orthodontics – the only truly hidden and comfortable way to transform smiles – without brackets or aligners. We have seen first-hand that patients prefer this treatment option, and now it can be available in any dental office,” said Giegerich.

Unlike the hassle of going to the orthodontist every time you need a braces adjustment or the maintenance of clear aligners, C5 Hidden Orthodontics is truly a hidden, comfortable orthodontic option that patients don’t have to think about. This “fix and forget treatment” is an option for teens and adults with mild to moderate tooth correction on the upper and lower front six teeth, and teeth crowding, spacing, and rotation.

It’s ideal for anyone who would like to straighten their teeth and is particularly popular with people who have had braces in the past and their teeth have relapsed or shifted.

Alta Smile’s C5 Hidden Orthodontics creates a new category in orthodontic care, changing and optimizing the way patients receive care, bringing cutting-edge hidden orthodontic technology to the public. Alta Smiles has six area locations with more providers joining all the time and a bold plan for their nationwide rollout.

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About Alta Smiles, LLC

Founded in 2019 and guided by a world-class board of advisors that includes leading investors and executives from the dental and healthcare industries, Alta Smiles is a technology and services company poised to transform the delivery of orthodontic care.

Our unique patented and patent-pending technologies and methodologies untether comprehensive orthodontic care from the confines of the orthodontist’s office. This innovative approach enables dentists and their assistants to deliver all forms of orthodontic care, including C5 Hidden Orthodontics, with a high level of expertise and confidence.

Alta Smiles is opening the door for more people to have amazing smiles.

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