ACTEON North America launches their new Tradeshow Booth



ACTEON® North America, a leading dental, medical and veterinary device manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of their new booth at the 2015 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.
The new booth is designed to support and project ACTEON® North America’s quality brand and technologically advanced products. The new booth features separate workstations where users can experience our latest technology in a comfortable, relaxed setting.
“We are committed to delivering not only exceptional products, but to also offer a high-tech experience to all of our customers that highlights all of the devices’ features. Our tradeshow strategy is a vital part of our overall focus to our valued customers." said Tim Long, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ACTEON® North America.
ACTEON® North America’s new booth features workstations for all of their products including their PURE NEWTRON™ piezoelectric ultrasonic scalers, PIEZOTOME™ piezosurgical bone surgery devices, MINI LED™ curing lights, polishers, SOPRO™ intraoral cameras with caries detection, digital imaging, electronic motors, OEM options and the new x-ray unit X-Mind Unity. The booth also features three 50” LCD monitors and 3 projection screens to showcase all of their helpful product videos and demonstrations.  The new booth is also completely paperless offering online electronic literature and online order placement.