58% of People Don’t Floss at All

Dentistry Today


According to Spotlight Oral Care, 58% of people don’t floss at all and only 47% floss weekly. Also, 73% of the 1,700 patients surveyed said flosses, picks, and other tools are difficult to maneuver, and 92% of them would floss more if it was easier. The oral healthcare company noted that these difficulties often can discourage people from taking care of their teeth.

“When it comes to flossing, there is no particular ‘correct way’ to do it. We often see patients who are reluctant to floss once they see blood! It’s important to note that this is normal, and the more regularly you floss, the less chance you have of experiencing bleeding gums,” said Dr. Vanessa Creaven, founder of Spotlight Oral Care.

According to the company, 50% of the fillings that people get in their lifetime start between the teeth at the point where the toothbrush can’t reach. It recommends flossing before brushing to dislodge any debris that has built up between the teeth. It also says that water flossers are five times more effective at removing plaque between teeth than manual floss or picks and are particularly ideal for cleaning around bridges, braces, implants, and crowns.

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