$10,000 Donation to Support Virtual Education

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Ultradent Products is donating $10,000 to a humanitarian and medical and dental education fund started by the Adams, Gladwell, Durham Foundation in Salt Lake City, Utah. The money will support professional medical and dental education for underserved populations through online lectures and hands-on training provided through virtual reality programs.

“We’ve basically created online education with hands-on education via virtual reality technology that allows the students to actually perform procedures as if they were on an actual human, in an actual lab, but via technology,” said Dr. Mark Durham, a prosthodontist and cofounder of the Adams, Gladwell, Durham Foundation.

“The challenge on the planet today is that there is progress in some areas and the lack of progress in others, which leads to problems for people—humans just like you and I. The solution is scaling education,” said Durham.

“If we can share this information with a lot of people and they can start doing things that have never been done before and really create another renaissance, which would be beautiful for humanity,” said Durham. “So what we’re doing is investing in systems and technology that we’re developing that allows us to go into areas of the world and deliver education at a fraction of the cost with some of the best minds.” 

The push to provide education in place of services, the fund’s cofounders believe, could change the world. 

“It’s teaching them how to fish, per se, instead of just doing the procedure for them,” said Dr. Nathan Adams, an oral surgeon and cofounder of the foundation.

“So far, the foundation has built three surgical models for around $50,000, which can now be shared to any of the 7 billion people on the earth without us charging any of them a penny to download,” said Durham.

“This year, because we are getting faster at building modules, our team and our local collaborators have a goal to see eight modules built for the same amount of money. Imagine the amount of people that will receive surgical training with the additional eight modules we build together!” Durham said. 

For more information or to donate, visit gofundme.com/smarty.

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