Zest Dental Solutions Adds Innovative FIXED Full-Arch Solution to LOCATOR Family

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Zest Dental Solutions, the only manufacturer of the Zest LOCATOR Family of Abutment Systems, including the Zest LOCATOR Implant System, and provider of clinician-trusted dental materials and small equipment, is preparing to welcome the newest member of its tried-and-true LOCATOR Family: LOCATOR FIXED. With no new abutment required, the move to a LOCATOR FIXED full-arch solution is seamless, and in most cases requires less bone reduction and chairtime than traditional, screw-retained restorations.

zest dental solutions

Driven by flexibility and the goal of making an affordable, permanent teeth solution more accessible, clinicians can now utilize patients’ existing or newly placed LOCATOR abutments to provide a FIXED full-arch solution. LOCATOR FIXED empowers them to offer staged treatment planning—removable overdentures today followed by FIXED full-arch tomorrow, simply by switching out the LOCATOR inserts and housings in the existing prosthesis followed by fabricating a new prosthesis later.

“LOCATOR FIXED is the next stage in the long and prestigious LOCATOR story, the most trusted abutment for overdentures, and it moves Zest from an implant-retained overdenture company, to one that provides game-changing, full-arch solutions,” said Tom Stratton, CEO of Zest Dental Solutions. Stratton added, “If you’re new to overdentures or FIXED treatment plans, providing full-arch solutions is now easier than you may think and many can be trained to do FIXED cases after a short LOCATOR FIXED online course!”

Dr. Michael Scherer, Zest’s Chief Clinical Officer and board-certified implant specialist further remarks “If you currently offer overdentures in your practice, the move to LOCATOR FIXED is simple; the ability to offer both a removable and FIXED solution with the same abutment and to be able to switch between the two in a matter of seconds is incredible for our patients and any dental implant practice!”

Because LOCATOR FIXED is designed to be less invasive, require less bone reduction, and is less costly than traditional screw-retained approaches, patients will gravitate toward the chance to experience the life they had with their permanent teeth with this paradigm-changing, permanent teeth solution. LOCATOR FIXED helps to address the challenge of tooth loss and make full-arch FIXED dentistry more attainable for more patients.

“I don’t see this as taking away from my existing implant practice… I see it as growing my practice by placing more implants per case, while steering patients from dentures and adhesives to permanent teeth!” remarked Dr. Scherer.

LOCATOR FIXED is already garnering industry attention and was featured in an article by Dr. Joseph J. Massad, in the September 2022 issue of Compendium. To read the article and see what Dr. Massad has to say about his initial experience with LOCATOR FIXED, go to https://bit.ly/fixedarticle.

Request more information and reserve your starter package, shipping in Q4 2022, and be among the first to use LOCATOR FIXED before the full market release in early 2023, by visiting www.zestdent.com/locator-fixed.

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