Yapi Launches Next Generation Product “Yapi Leap”

yapi, yapi leap


Yapi, a leader in dental software solutions for over a decade, is thrilled to announce the release of “Yapi Leap,” an advanced web application that sets a new benchmark for dental practice administration and patient communication. This milestone product release is the result of a strategic capital growth investment in collaboration with M33 Growth, a distinguished Boston-based venture and growth-stage investment firm.

yapi, yapi leap

The Yapi team designed Leap and its capabilities to focus on improving the patient experience for both current and future clients, while also providing better means to optimize efficiency and revenue for those practices. With a completely redesigned user interface/user experience (UI/UX) to ensure a more intuitive product, new and improved features and capabilities to address clients’ current and future requirements, and an accelerated time-to-value through a rapid onboarding process, Yapi Leap represents the next generation of patient engagement and automation solutions for our marketplace.

“Working in conjunction with our broad client base and listening to their growing needs as they evolved as a practice set the foundation for what we knew we needed to deliver in Yapi Leap,” said Rachel Handschke, senior vice president of technology at Yapi. “I’m excited that Yapi Leap delivered on these vital needs and set the foundation for new capabilities to propel our clients towards even greater success.”

Diving into the Future with Key Features of Yapi Leap:

  • Universal Online Dental Forms: Patients can sign on any device with a browser. Features include drag-and-drop document creation, multi-language support, and zero-click data import.
  • Enhanced Two-Way Texting: A redesigned interface promotes clear, organized communication between practices and patients, showcasing which staff member is conversing.
  • Form Distribution Flexibility: Forms can be texted or emailed to patients before their appointment for quicker in-office processing.
  • Strategic Mass Texting: Advanced filters allow for precise bulk messaging straight from your schedule.
  • In-depth Patient Profile: Comprehensive patient profiles with a holistic communication history ensure optimal patient care.
  • Configurable Online Scheduling: Allows practices to offer patients online booking with foolproof features, automatically adding new appointments to the schedule.
  • Real-time User Notifications: Customized alerts ensure you’re always informed and updated.

“Yapi Leap represents not just our commitment to technological excellence but also mirrors our broader vision for Yapi’s future,” said DJ Chhabra, president and CEO of Yapi. “This groundbreaking platform is a testament to our continuous aspiration to lead, innovate, and elevate the dental software space. We are more aligned and focused than ever, and Yapi Leap is just the beginning of our renewed promise to our users and the industry.”

Explore how Yapi Leap takes dental practices to new heights at https://yapiapp.com. Book a demo or contact Yapi directly at sales@yapiapp.com.

About Yapi

Yapi has been at the forefront of dental software innovation for over a decade, transforming practice administration through digitization and automation, enhancing patient and team communication, and allowing dental offices to prioritize patient care over administrative tasks. With an unwavering emphasis on superior client support, Yapi is a trusted name in efficiency and innovation for dental practices nationwide.

About M33 Growth

M33 Growth is a venture and growth-stage investment firm that partners with founders and CEOs who have successfully bootstrapped their companies to strong growth and are positioned to rapidly scale their companies and break through as market leaders. With deep experience in fueling sales and marketing engines, driving acquisitions, and building value through data assets, M33 Growth seeks to propel portfolio companies to succeed in their markets. Founded by veterans of renowned investment firms with considerable operational experience, the Boston-based firm seeks to invest in companies in the software, healthcare, and services sectors throughout North America.

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