X-Nav Technologies Announces 150,000+ Dental Implants Navigated Using the X-Guide® System

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x-nav technologies

X-Nav Technologies is proud to announce that over 150,000 dental implants have been surgically placed using X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation – a system designed to assist dental surgeons in achieving more accurate and less invasive dental implant results than freehand surgery.

Dentists embrace surgical navigation technology to deliver more accurate and less-invasive dental implants to patients.

The X-Guide surgical implant navigation system has been eagerly accepted by the dental community. Its success can be attributed to remarkable ease-of-use and seamless integration into the fully digital surgical and prosthetic workflow.

x-nav technologies

“We are proud of our customers for believing this is the best technology for their practice and opting to offer the capabilities of X-Guide surgical navigation to their patients,” said Edward Marandola, President of X-Nav Technologies. “The significance of this growth shows that not only does X-Guide surgical navigation have a place in today’s dental implant practice, but that the technology is utilized regularly to improve patient care.”

The X-Guide system is being used in over 40 countries to offer patients a minimally invasive option for dental implant surgeries.  It is designed to assist dental surgeons on a broad range of clinical implant procedures, from a single tooth replacement to full-arch mouth reconstruction.

Dental Implants navigated more precisely with the X-Guide system play a key role in the functional outcome of the procedure, as well as facilitating more immediate aesthetic and restorative success. The benefits of more accurate dental implant placement to both the surgeon and the patient are profound.

The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation system allows the surgeon to digitally plan the ideal treatment and then provides turn-by-turn guidance of the hand piece to that target during live surgery – like GPS for the dental drill.

“It is exciting to see the global dental community embrace X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation so enthusiastically over the past few years. We look forward to continuing the momentum by driving innovative and useful advancements to the technology that will further enhance patient care and doctor productivity,” said Marandola.

The X-Guide surgical navigation system is available in 22+ languages, holds 48 patents, 18 trademarks and is used by 30+ universities around the world.

To find out more about X-Nav Technologies and X-Guide dynamic surgical navigation, visit www.X-NavTech.com.

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X-Nav Technologies is a medical device company that develops surgical products for the dental market that advance patient care while improving doctor productivity.


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