Wellfit Technologies Showcases Innovative Financing Solutions at Premier Dental Conferences

Wellfit Technologies
wellfit technologies


Wellfit® Technologies, Inc. (Wellfit), a leading healthcare technology platform that provides streamlined financing options, discount plans, and payment processing, announces its participation at two esteemed conferences this June.

wellfit technologies

With a mission to empower dental offices and alleviate financial obstacles for patients, Wellfit will spotlight its innovative financing options and dental plans at:

What: Patterson Dental’s North American Sales Meeting (NASM)
Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: June 2-5

What: ADSO Summit
Where: Denver, CO
When: June 12-14
Booth: 402

Wellfit’s presence at these conferences underscores its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that enhance case acceptance rates and bolster revenue streams for dental practices. Among the key highlights of Wellfit’s offerings at NASM are its multi-product solutions, designed to streamline patient-led financing and eliminate financial barriers. At the ADSO Summit, Wellfit showcases financing solutions that integrate easily into office PMS systems to create ease of use and improved time management for office workers, which helps increase bottom-line revenue.

Wellfit’s patient-led financing platform stands out by offering a diverse range of financing options from multiple lenders, ensuring seamless transactions and quick approvals. Patients can choose various financing offers and receive approvals within minutes, while dental practices benefit from expedited payments the following day.

Wellfit empowers dental practices to offer patients dental plans with real-time chair-side approvals, eliminating waiting periods and facilitating discounted rates on preventative care and procedures. This approach not only fosters patient loyalty but also significantly increases case acceptance rates, particularly among uninsured or out-of-network patients.

Wellfit’s comprehensive solution extends beyond financing, encompassing card processing, touchless payments, and online bill pay functionalities seamlessly integrated into a single, user-friendly tool. This integration ensures efficient communication with existing practice management systems, streamlining administrative processes and enhancing overall practice efficiency.

Learn more about these solutions to help accelerate office revenue.

Stop by NASM or the ADSO Summit, or contact us at info@wellfit.com.

About Wellfit Technologies, Inc.

Wellfit is a healthcare technology platform that makes patient financing, dental plans, and payment processes simple, transparent, and cost-effective for providers and patients. Wellfit is a comprehensive solution that helps providers increase treatment acceptance, lower transaction and administrative costs, and provides transparency to help improve patient trust and retention.

For more information, visit wellfit.com.