VOCO Celebrates the 10-Year Anniversary of GrandioSO

VOCO America


VOCO is proud to announce the 10-year anniversary of GrandioSO, their toothlike, universal, light-cured, 89%-filled, nano-hybrid composite. Formulated to match toothlike physical properties, this nano-hybrid composite has the modulus of elasticity, thermocycling coefficient, surface hardness, edge strength and several other properties that individually and–even more so–collectively, closely mirror that of natural dentition. These unique toothlike qualities makes for long-lasting, esthetic and robust restorations.


Practitioners for a decade have enjoyed GrandioSO. Its easy, non-stick consistency set a new standard for composite handling and exceptional esthetics, providing instant and tangible results, and its toothlike physical properties and high fill rate deliver proven superior quality and enhanced longevity that can be trusted.

Over the past 10 years, GrandioSO has been at the center of clinical successes in millions of restorations worldwide. As a universal restorative and a perfect workhorse composite for any practice, it has provided reliable results for practitioners and patients alike.

GrandioSO is one of VOCO’s most successful products; built on high- quality chemistry that provides reliable, long-term esthetic restorations.

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