Viome Launches Clinically Validated Oral Health and Early Stage Cancer Detection Test For Dental Professionals

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Viome Life Sciences, a leading preventative health technology company committed to translating scientific advancements into practical and individualized health solutions, announced the launch of Oral Health Pro with CancerDetect. This groundbreaking test is set to revolutionize the industry’s approach to oral care by providing dental professionals with an unprecedented level of actionable insight into their patients’ health. This test sets itself apart with the early detection of biomarkers associated with oral and throat cancer, achieving a specificity of 95 percent and sensitivity of 90 percent building on the clinical validation data just published in the Oral Oncology Journal. This makes it the most advanced oral & throat cancer screening test available today.

viome, viome life sciences

“Viome’s holistic and scientific approach to health will transform how people approach oral hygiene and care,” said Ed Zuckerberg DDS FAGD, Viome’s chief dental officer. “The Oral Health Pro test is ushering in a new era of preventative care that benefits patients and dental professionals. The current standard of oral care is extremely outdated, relying heavily on visual and tactile examinations. Viome is setting a new standard that uncovers the intricate interplay between microbial activities and human gene expression in the development of oral diseases and cancers.”

Utilizing Viome’s proprietary RNA sequencing technology and AI, Oral Health Pro with CancerDetect measures gene expression of the oral microbiome and human cells in each patient’s saliva to identify early biomarkers associated with oral and throat cancer. The transformative impact this test will have on many lives has earned the test underlying CancerDetect an FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for accelerated review.

Oral Health Pro is also changing the way dental professionals and individuals approach oral health, highlighting the profound link between the health of the mouth and the overall well-being of the body. Oral Health Pro can detect a broad range of biomarkers associated with symptoms like poor gum health, cavities, bad breath, pathobiont activity, fungal activity, and genotoxic activity, many of which are associated with systemic health risks.

This professional-grade solution benefits patients and dental professionals as well as their practices. Patients are empowered to take control of their health through an at-home test that only requires a simple saliva sample and provides detailed insights, while dentists are able to address patients’ needs with personalized treatments and improved clinical decisions.

“Viome’s unique technology can see a lot deeper than other tests since we detect the gene expression activity of a wide range of microbial as well as human cells,” said Guru Banavar PhD, Viome’s founding chief technology officer. “We further quantify the molecular pathways associated with oral health issues by applying machine learning on a very large dataset, trillions of nucleotides derived from tens of thousands of saliva samples. These analyses are translated into a simple report that helps dental professionals and patients understand their oral and systemic health risks.”

As described in Viome’s published paper in the Oral Oncology journal, the biomarker for oral and throat cancer consists of both microbial and human transcripts. The clinical validation showed a high sensitivity and specificity for both early-stage and late-stage malignancies, across both oral and throat cancers. This clinical study, which involved 1,175 individuals, was a collaboration with leading salivary researcher Professor Chamindie Punyadeera of Griffith University, Dr. Salomon Amar of New York Medical College, and several others across multiple clinical centers.

“This test represents a novel use of saliva for assays aimed at the improvement in test characteristics of oral cancer screening tools, along with being user-friendly,” said Dr. Amar.

Oral Health Pro is a cloud-based, no-cost, software product with a frictionless workflow so can easily be integrated into any practice.

It is designed to increase patient retention and loyalty, monitoring oral and systemic health without taking up chair time.

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About Viome Life Sciences

Viome is a pioneering longevity and preventative healthcare company committed to bridging the gap between scientific breakthroughs and their practical implementation as health solutions. Utilizing cutting-edge AI and the world’s largest gene expression database, Viome’s home-based tests are benefiting consumers and medical professionals. Individuals are given the ability to take control of their health with personalized nutritional guidance and innovative microbiome health products, while professionals are given the tools necessary to improve clinical decisions and outcomes.

Viome has empowered over half a million users with its unique approach that leverages the analysis of epigenetic biomarkers to provide AI-driven health insights that contribute significantly to promoting a healthy lifespan. The company has also entered into the professional market, starting with dentists, to further expand its personalized solutions and help individuals age optimally.