Victim of Defunct Allcare Dental Chain Is Now Smiling



WESTLAND, Mich., Feb. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Bruce Smoler was spurred to take action and offer his help after a recent "tragedy" in which New York-based Allcare Dental suddenly and unexpectedly closed its doors at each of their 52 locations (10 of which were in Michigan) on January 1, leaving patients without access to records, follow-up care and treatment.

Dr. Smoler is willing to offer former Allcare patients up to $10,000 worth of dental implant services, if needed. "I would be honored to help any abandoned patients smile again," he said. "There is hope. There is help. And we will be able to do it. Here, right now, is the time to have action."

Dr. Smoler first became aware of the Allcare Dental fiasco when he saw a television news story about Gail Klevinger, who prepaid Allcare $4,000 for new dentures. She had first gone to the Livonia, Michigan Allcare location and then was transferred to the Roseville, Michigan office. "They told me that if I paid up front I would pay no interest, plus they would give me a five-percent discount," she told WDIV TV in Detroit. Klevinger refused to appear on camera because she was too embarrassed. "I’ve been struggling with it for five months," she said. "I just want my teeth."

An unemployed legal secretary, Klevinger wasn’t even able to go on job interviews without her teeth. But thanks to Dr. Smoler’s generosity of providing her with dental implants, there is renewed hope. "I’m so pleased that I’m able to help Gail and others in a situation in which a big dental chain is more concerned about profits than the health of its patients. I find it professionally reprehensible and personally disgusting," he said.

Dr. Smoler and colleagues at Community Dental Associates are sponsoring a night of "Giggles & Gloves" at the MGM Grand – Detroit, a benefit to support Mittens for Detroit. The charity was founded by Erin Cummings from the television series Detroit 187. The event will star Shaun Majumder, also from the Detroit 187 TV series. Former Allcare Dental patients can contact Dr. Smoler’s office for complimentary tickets to the event while supplies last.

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