Vatech America, Inc. Announces Installation of 1,000TH Units



Secaucus, N.J. – December 22, 2011 – Vatech America, Inc., a leading supplier of dental digital radiography and conebeam CT equipment, software, and service has announced today that it has eclipsed a milestone of over 1,000 units installed in the United States in its short 5 Year history dating back to its November 2006 inception.
Vatech America’s first product to market, the Picasso Trio, was approved by the FDA for sale in the United States on June 25th, 2007. The Picasso Trio’s unique position of being the first 3 in 1 Dental X-Ray system in the world offering multi-modality capabilities of 2D panoramic and cephalometric as well as 3D Conebeam CT imaging from a single device set the stage for where we are today.

Vatech America now offers more solutions at more price ranges than any other manufacturer in the market. Due to this accommodating position, Vatech America has increased its growth at an average rate of 33.3% over the past five years listing that as of December 2011, Vatech America’s total 3D market share has risen from 0% to 10% in the US and from 0% to over 30% in Canada. Based on strong dealer relations with channel focus support programs delivering steady growth patterns it is easy to see why analysts are forecasting Vatech America to exceed over 2,000 units installed by the start of Q1 2013.