UnitedHealthcare Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey



Who offers the best dental insurance plan? According to J. D. Power, UnitedHealthcare does. It ranked the highest in customer satisfaction for the second year in a row based on responses from more than 2,400 dental plan participants nationwide.

The survey rated satisfaction based on coverage, cost, communication, customer service, and reimbursement. For example, UnitedHealthcare’s investments in mobile technology enable its more than 20 million plan participants to obtain an identification card and look up nearby providers on their Androids and iPhones.

“Every employer and community we serve has unique healthcare needs, so that requires a commitment from our entire organization to deliver superior service,” said Philip Kaufman, president of UnitedHeathcare Specialty Benefits.

Also, the company’s Bridge2Health program integrates data from dental and medical claims to identify participants with chronic conditions that can be impacted or improved by oral health. The program then contacts these patients to help them see a dentist, with 50% of them making a dental appointment within the following 6 months.

“Our primary focus continues to be delivery of great products at a fair price, with the support of strong customer service,” said Kaufman. “We are grateful for this recognition from the people we serve.”

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