Ultradent Adds New Accessories for VALO Grand Curing Lights

Ultradent Products



Ultradent Products, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, is introducing a line of premium accessories for VALO Grand curing lights. The addition of these six new lenses allows clinicians to use their VALO Grand light in increasingly nuanced ways to provide optimal care for their patients.


About VALO Grand Curing Lights

VALO Grand curing lights use a custom, multi-wavelength light emitting diode (LED) for producing high intensity light at 385–515 nm through an optimally collimated beam capable of polymerizing all light- cured dental materials including porcelain and underlying resin cements. The VALO Grand light features a 12 mm lens and its extremely durable, slim, ergonomic shape allows unprecedented access to all restoration sites.

About Ultradent Products, Inc.

The company is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, devices, and instruments worldwide. Ultradent’s vision is to improve oral health globally. Ultradent also works to improve the quality of life and health of individuals through financial and charitable programs. For more information about Ultradent, call 800.552.5512 or visit ultradent.com or find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Sincerely Media on Unsplash.