Ultradent Adds Jiffy Spin Disks to Finishing and Polishing Line

Ultradent Products, Inc.


Ultradent Products, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, is introducing Jiffy Spin disks, the latest innovative product in its restorative dentistry line-up. This new shaping and finishing disk system offers dental professionals a rapid and efficient solution for high-quality restorations.


Jiffy Spin disks feature precise, ultra-thin disks designed for interproximal finishing and shaping. The system includes aluminum oxide coated disks ranging from coarse to fine for smoothing and finishing, as well as a unique disk exclusive to Jiffy Spin disks: diamond grit for rapid shaping and gross removal.

Jiffy Spin disks help clinicians achieve esthetic restorations at an affordable price, with efficiency and speed. The extra-coarse diamond grit disk ensures even faster removal, allowing dental professionals to transition seamlessly to finer grits for that perfect finish. Designed for use on both composite and ceramic materials, Jiffy Spin disks maintain the exceptional quality and long-lasting shine synonymous with the Jiffy family of products. The ultra-thin design ensures the disks can fit into any restoration area, making quick work of those challenging interproximal regions.

“The extra-coarse disk is a unique product that I absolutely love having around,” says Dr. Brett Richins, an early adopter of Jiffy Spin disks. “It allows me to make large adjustments to the length or contour of a restoration quickly, predictably, and with only one disk. Before I started using the extra-coarse disk, I would often have to use several disks if I was doing multiple anterior restorations.”

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