The Top 10 Practice Management Articles of 2018

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You went to dental school to develop your clinical skills. So how do you learn the best practices for running a business? We have you covered with a roster of experts specializing in maximizing your production. Here are our top 10 practice management articles of 2018, based on traffic at

Five Habits for Successfully Handling the Stress of a Dental Career 

Emily Letran, DDS, MS 

The next time you’re facing a difficult situation and dealing with the unknown, take a moment to practice five high-performance habits: clarity, energy, productivity, courage, and influence.

The Costs of Starting a Private Dental Practice 

Keith W. Gruebele 

Obvious expenses include leases, equipment, and staffing, but don’t forget about the not so obvious ones like self-employment taxes, repairs and maintenance, and retirement. 

Use Retreats to Become a Fortune 500 Dental Business 

Robert M. Pick, DDS, MS 

Getting away from the office and together with your team can lead to a more motivated staff and greater productivity, which means increased revenue for you.

Are You Doing Enough to Motivate Your Team? 

Paul Etchison, DDS 

If you don’t feel like your practice is a great place to work, it’s time to sit down with the person who sets the tone and makes everyone feel appreciated—you.

The Three Easiest Ways to Break Through Dentistry’s Stress

Fern White, BDSc

When the demands of your day begin piling up, take a moment to breathe, reframe your perspective, and change your state of mind.

Why Every Dental Practice Needs a Dental Membership Program

Jordon Comstock 

While the economy goes up and down and insurance carriers micromanage their coverage, membership plans ensure steady, reliable revenue. 

10 Common Mistakes Dental Practices Make and How to Fix Them

Robert Patrick

Simply providing the best care is no guarantee for success. You also have to be great boss, a financial wiz, a shrewd marketer, and more. And ramping up these skills isn’t as hard as it looks.

Dentists’ Most Common Personality Types and Communication Styles

Kathy Morrow

Your ability to communicate and interact with your staff and your patients will have a significant impact on your practice’s success, and a lot depends on your personality type.

Taking the Pain Out of Online Reviews

Aaron Clifford

One bad review can negate a dozen good ones. But you can take steps to neutralize these unhappy patients and make a positive impression on everyone else. 

Taking the Mystery Out of Calculating Cashflow

April Brissette

For a full picture of your practice’s financial practices, you need to know where the money comes from and where it goes.