The Top 10 Blogs of 2020

Richard Gawel


This past year has been eventful, and not just because of the pandemic. Fortunately, our roster of fearless and expert bloggers had plenty of say to guide you through these turbulent times. Here are the Top 10 Blogs of 2020, based on reader traffic.

1. Dentists Already Are Prepared for the Coronavirus by Larry Williams, DDS

2. CDC Infection Control Guidelines Catch Up With Need to Address Aerosols by Margaret Scarlett, DMD

3. Better Together: Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis by Arwinder Judge, DDS

4. Dentistry Made Me Hate People—for a Moment by Maggie Augustyn, DDS

5. Am I Good Enough? By Bruce Freeman, DDS, DOrtho, MSc

6. As Dental Offices Close, Try Not to Panic by Maggie Augustyn, DDS

7. “Hoverboard Dentist” Found Guilty of Medicaid Fraud by Michael W. Davis, DDS

8. Do You Charge an Added Fee for PPE? by Michael W. Davis, DDS

9. How to Defuse Red Alert Situations With Upset Patients by Bruce Freeman, DDS, DOrtho, MSc

10. Do Patients Treat Female Dentists Differently? by Maggie Augustyn, DDS